Projects and work in progress
  • Surrounded by arid landscapes on the island of Ibiza, this property will have to adapt to water restrictions. There is everything to do and to rethink because today nothing is arranged to invite the owner outside the villa.

  • Study for a private garden. The terrain is currently entirely bare, it was necessary to create multiple projections of different mediums to allow the client to imagine the project and visualize certain details.

  • This courtyard at the heart of an island of buildings that the project is located. Very shaded and landlocked this space offers a possibility and a very limited landscape intervention. Located on a slab, the garden is seen from the

  • The somewhat outdated garden of this small property requires an upgrade and a restructuring of the spaces. Vegetable garden, relaxation area and dining area are the will of owners who wish to enjoy their garden all year round.

  • The garden on this property located in the Alpes Maritimes definitely requires development. Abandoned for far too long after the house was abandoned, its owner now wishes to create harmony with the surrounding landscape.

  • Located on the 4th floor making the link between two buildings, this terrace must change its use. The owner wishes to rearrange this space to allow the hosting of ephemeral events while maintaining privacy on the office side.

  • It is in the hinterland of Nice where you can find this type of garden. Subtly hidden, the river crosses the property. A platform will be created to take advantage of it as closely as possible and let yourself be

Kevin Deswarte – Artiste Paysagiste