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Tuareg Proverb


A subtle mixture of plants and minerals, landscapes around the Mediterranean are resolutely sober and simple. This is what makes them beautiful.

Sometimes minimalist on the shores beaten by the winds, this vegetation can make feats to exist on inhospitable rocks, such as the Aleppo pines.

Once protected, it can become generous and fruitful. It is along the action of humans that the landscapes of the Mediterranean have been shaped by stone walls and water-pipes to the most distant cultures … We must intervene with sobriety and respect for the architectural, arboreal and landscape heritage that has always surrounded us and is the culmination of a multi-century work. An olive tree, a cypress, a pistachio tree … Let us use endemic plants adapted to the conditions of our environment. This is the secret of the simplicity of maintenance, beauty and therefore … the sustainability of a garden.


Since always, lands of the Mediterranean have been worked, cultivated. To adapt to poor soils and lack of water, plants have developed strategies that translate into the vegetation by its forms, architecture, colors and exceptional scents that are typical of Provence. Lavender, olive, citrus are the ambassadors of this Mediterranean generosity. Plant them in abundance in the gardens, they are the key to a guaranteed success.


Water is life ! What would a garden be without birds, without music, without freshness or even without the necessary hygrometry to exalt the perfumes of a jasmine, an orange blossom … or a wisteria.

Let us remember that water and flowers are the perfect combination to create a paradise for pollinating insects, butterflies and other visitors who will swirl in your garden.

A water integration remains the soothing and favorite partner for places of life.


It is the most sensitive element of a garden. Too often have gardens been lit intensively and without logic. Make sure not to simply apply lighting, but to create staging ! The challenge of light in a garden is to preserve the beauty of the moonlight, to leave some mystery…

The garden at night should not be seen as in the day. The decor is totally different. It is an objective to highlight the shrubby and tree layers by plays of shade and light.


A true open-air theater, a garden is conducive to the staging of works of art.

Judiciously placed at the end of a perspective, on a body of water or in a massif, a work of art invites you to roam gardens and enjoy the different spaces created.


Look well at forests, meadows … Nature is so generous that it does not need Man to develop, to live. It grows and adapts to all conditions even the most extreme ones. But is a garden really nature? Of course not, it is tamed nature ! The gardener is the indispensable partner in monitoring the proper evolution of a garden. The true gardener knows the plants, the soil, the climate. He accompanies the garden in its daily development. He organizes and prioritizes the growth of plants. He waters correctly since it must be remembered that a garden more often dies of an excess than of a lack of water. There are definitely no beautiful gardens without excellent gardeners.






Follow up


Sketch phase, delivery of the drawing following the creativity phase.


  • It is from virgin land that we started creating this garden, at the same time as the construction of the house. Located in the hinterland of Cannes, this owner wanted to respect the landscape approximately by using local and endemic

  • Starting from a surface unspoiled by any landscaping and situated on a sloping ground, the garden now offers a real green setting. An exotic part at the entrance and a Mediterranean area in the lower part makes up the garden.

  • Végétalisation d'une terrasse cannoise sur deux étages, dans le but d'en casser la monotonie de surfaces lisses, et d'isoler la vue afin de profiter pleinement d'un champ de vision exceptionnel sur la baie.

  • Pour le propriétaire c'est un jardin qui aurait dû voir le jour il y a plus de dix ans. Les années passent et celui ci n'a toujours pas entrepris l'aménagement de son jardin. Aujourd'hui c'est du passé ! Voici à


  • Surrounded by arid landscapes on the island of Ibiza, this property will have to adapt to water restrictions. There is everything to do and to rethink because today nothing is arranged to invite the owner outside the villa.

  • Study for a private garden. The terrain is currently entirely bare, it was necessary to create multiple projections of different mediums to allow the client to imagine the project and visualize certain details.

  • This courtyard at the heart of an island of buildings that the project is located. Very shaded and landlocked this space offers a possibility and a very limited landscape intervention. Located on a slab, the garden is seen from the

  • The somewhat outdated garden of this small property requires an upgrade and a restructuring of the spaces. Vegetable garden, relaxation area and dining area are the will of owners who wish to enjoy their garden all year round.

  • The garden on this property located in the Alpes Maritimes definitely requires development. Abandoned for far too long after the house was abandoned, its owner now wishes to create harmony with the surrounding landscape.

  • Located on the 4th floor making the link between two buildings, this terrace must change its use. The owner wishes to rearrange this space to allow the hosting of ephemeral events while maintaining privacy on the office side.

  • It is in the hinterland of Nice where you can find this type of garden. Subtly hidden, the river crosses the property. A platform will be created to take advantage of it as closely as possible and let yourself be

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